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Courses Offered

Our online Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses are designed to provide you with the very best experience and education while you pursue your CME credits. The CME courses are packaged as bundled courses or individually depending upon you needs.  Course credit information, authorship, and student reviews are available for each online CME course.  

Bundled CME Credit Courses

Our convenient and money-saving Bundled CME Course Packages are perfect for those trying to build a fundamental knowledge base with some advanced learning and allow you to easily obtain multiple CME credits. We have CME packages for both Venous and Vascular Ultrasound Courses.

Ultrasound Courses

Ultrasound is fundamental in the diagnosis of virtually every vascular bed in the body and is also used for guidance in the treatment of venous disease and we offer a tremendous range of CME courses. While appearing easy to the uninformed, ultrasound requires both advanced knowledge and a highly refined skill set. Here you will find a wide variety of online CME courses that deal with all aspects of ultrasound, organized into multiple sections to allow you to easily find what you need.

Treatment Courses

The treatment options available to the phlebologist are broad and complex. Various experts in the treatment of venous disease discuss a variety of topics in this challenging area. From visual sclerotherapy to ultrasound guided endovenous techniques, from ambulatory phlebectomy to utilizing and optimizing anesthesia administration, these CME courses provide the information you need and even include a few pearls that will help you avoid complications,