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Virtual Vein Center is pleased to offer personalized training in the use of ultrasound for the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from chronic venous disease in our facility - a functioning vacular laboratory. This intensive instruction combines didactic lecture coupled with demonstration and instructional ultrasound scanning designed specifically for phlebologists, sonographers, nurses, or other allied health professional working in a phlebology setting.  Specifically designed to improve your level of understanding of venous anatomy and hemodynamics, clinical evaluation of the patient with chronic venous disease, ultrasound physics and instrumentation, lower extremity venous ultrasound evaluation, scanning techniques and tips. measurements of importance, the ultrasound worksheet and report writing, as well as mapping for venous treatment procedures. Basically a complete tutorial on how to perform a comprehensive venous ultrasound in the evaluation of patients suffering from chronic venous disease.  The extensive ultrasound demonstration coupled with hands-on scanning allows you to immediately use these skills.  While the focus is ultrasound, we can spend as much time as you desire on the treatment of chronic venous disease, including an opportunity to observe within the interventional suite.  If you prefer, we can also provide training in your facility which allows you to operate your own instrument within the confines of your facility - please contact us for additional details.  This training can be customized to meet your particular needs, and can be as many days as you need depending upon your level of comfort.  To explore further and before registering for the training package, please drop us an email at [email protected] 

The participants will acquire expertise in the following areas:

  • Venous Anatomy including Cross Sectional Anatomy 

  • Ultrasound Evaluation of the Deep Venous System – Why it is critical

  • Image Optimization - basic ultrasound principles, review of appropriate transducers, and instrument settings to optimize the image

  • Venous Hemodynamics 

  • Overview of venous disease classification: CEAP & VCSS

  • Extensive Hands-on with emphasis in Superficial Venous Disease

  • Components of a complete US examiniation

  • The ultrasound worksheet and report writing

  • Techniques in the use of Duplex for Saphenous Ablation

  • The use of Venous Duplex Ultrasound: Pre, Peri and Post Treatment

Prior to Course Purchase, please contact us for details and logistics at: [email protected]


Venous Ultrasound Training

Virtual Vein Center is pleased to offer customized training to meet your specific needs and includes combined didactic lecture, scanning demonstration and hands-on instructional time.